I can't say enough good things about Arris. For one, this company really respects historical homes and has the expertise to fix all sorts of issues that a lot of modern contractors would feel lost on. I gave them a laundry list of issues I wanted addressed and they took care of each beyond my expectations. They're not a "slap on a quick fix" sort of company. The repairs to my home needed methodical, layer after layer patience, and they sent a guy out here to do the job and do it RIGHT. Even after all that, the price was extremely fair - they gave me an honest accounting of the hours and the materials, no inflation. The same work from a less honest business could have been triple the price. Will I be back? Yes, absolutely. They're the sort of company you can build a relationship with and have come back time and again because you know they'll do it right and for the right cost.

Lisa Q.

Arris Construction was so great to work with! Our deck looks great and the entire project went so smoothly. They are very efficient and kept us informed throughout the project. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a contractor to do work.